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Time Passage - Whisky for Chess

Every Thursday earn points to win a bottle of Single Malt, Glenfiddich 12 Years.

Each month the player with the highest points gets the bottle.

Rules: Rapid chess (FIDE Rules) 3 pts for a win. 1 pt for a draw. Play 1 person maximum 3 times in one night. The bar has to stamp a card to show your points. If you lose the card, you've lost your points. New cards issued each month.

Number 183, Lane 1038 Huan Shan Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu
华山路1038183, 近复兴西路
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The 2014 Chess Blitz Tournament

Time Passage: First Sunday of every month, starts 3.45pm sharp.
10RMB entry

Chance to earn points to compete for the Time Passage Trophy

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Previous Events

We count some very strong players amongst our members. Read on to see what they have been up to in the past.

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World Amateur Chess Championships 2013

Congratulations to Aron Teh, joint 1st, second after tiebreak

Aron is the winner of 2012's Shanghai Children's Chess Open.


Article by IM Kevin Goh


An unbeaten run with 7 wins and 2 draws in Romania brought 15 year old  Aron Teh of Malaysia a tie for 1st in the World Amateur Championships . He was edged out by 17 year old Vrencian Lehel of Romania on tiebreak and the latter earned the FM title and a 2200 ELO rating. Aron had to settle for the prize money of 1350 Euros (same as Vrencian), the silver medal and a 2100 ELO rating. One notes that Aron had been mentioned by IM Jimmy Liew and FM Peter Long last year as a player to watch out for.

Watch his 9th round game

8 bars, 10 nights. Have you got the stamina?

The Shanghai Chess Club Marathon is a simple concept: We go to a different pub every night and play chess. The challenge is so Olympian that the last Shanghai Chess Club Marathon was 4 years ago.

How many nights can you make it? How many games can you win? While consuming how much? Can you beat your personal best?

Click on picture for details.


2nd Annual Oscar's Shanghai Chess Club Trophy 2012

Congratulations to Roman Kozelov

1ST Place Scorecard



Click for more results compiled by Freddy R.

Tiger Trophy

12th Aug, 2012

At Oscar's Pub
Prize was 1 glass of Tiger, winner kept the glass.
7 round swiss

Abridged Rules "If you don't finish your drink then you can’t get any points…  not even a draw…"  - Dave,  creator of the 1st Tiger Trophy, which he then happened to win. No connection, honest.

Tiger Trophy Full Rules |

The 2012 Chess Blitz Tournament - GRANDMASTER GUEST

GM Mikheil Mchedlishvili (2656)

GM Mikheil Mchedlishvili joined us Sunday 5th of August, happily taking the 10 points for that week and giving us a master-class in Blitz...
...if we wanted one or not.


Lujiazui Chess Tournament 2012

28th July, 2012

At Yanlord Garden Club House
organised by Lujiazui Sports Committee

3,000 RMB prize for the top foreigner went to Torben Sorenson. 
1,000 RMB second prize went to Alex Karaivanov
800 RMB third prize went to 'Yo' Trens Yohan
Some of China's best players were present including 
WGM Wang Lei (2484). 
Thanks to Chief Arbiter IA Xu Yaping and Shi Fei Laoshi.

Tournament details and address |

Oscar's Simultaneous Exhibition

13th May, 2012

Danish Grandmaster Lars Schandorff (ELO 2494) played 20 players.

Shanghai Children’s Chess Open Tournament 2012

20th April, 2012


A clean sweep by the Teh Brothers, with the top two prizes and the Team Prize.

The Shanghai Children’s Chess Open Trophy and Ages 12-16 Winner - Aron Teh - Won free entry to the first 3 months of Shanghai Children's Chess School (opening in autumn)

Ages 8-11 - Ian Teh - Won a Tournament Standard Chess Set with Clock

Ages 5-7 - Benjamin Bourdiniere - Won a Tournament Standard Chess Set

Team win - Dulwich A - Won free entry to the first month of Shanghai Children's Chess School (opening in autumn)

We had Free Pizza, sponsored by Pizza Box and Free Gatorade sponsored by PepsiCo.

A Swiss Blitz Tournament open for all ages up to 16 at Shanghai United International School, Pudong.

| Final Standings |

Thailand Open Tournament, Bangkok

April 14-19, 2012

Shanghai Chess Club players Krassen Mitev and Freddy Ramirez Leyva went. Freddy drew his game against a Singaporean GM! Nice one!

2012 Thailand Open final results |



Ni Hua (ELO 2637) Simultaneous Exhibition

8th April, 2012

A friendly game organised by IM Zu Nian Li, the Shanghai Chess Association Chief Chess Coach.

Pictures from Moanisse |

The Expat Show Shanghai 2011

Sept 16th-18th Sept, 2011

We had a booth. We played Chess at it. Then went to Oscars and played more.

2011 Suzhou Sports Lottery Cup - Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Sports Activities

Sept, 2011

The Shanghai Chess Club blizted this and won awards and prizes . Be sure to ask Torben about the incomparable prize he got for his win.

Hat-tip to Freddie for letting us know about this.

| Results (in Chinese) |


Shanghai Children’s Chess Open Tournament 2011

14th June, 2011

A Swiss Blitz Tournament open for all ages up to 16 at
Shanghai United International School, Pudong.

Prizes Won for each age band:
The Shanghai Children’s Chess Open Trophy went to Ben Yuan, who also won the Ages 12-16 prize, which is a 4 hr tailored lesson with an International Master.

Ages 9-11 - Max Fang won a Tournament Standard Chess Set with Clock

Ages 5-8 - Kevin Chor won a Tournament Standard Chess Set

Pictures |


Lujiazui Financial City Cup

12th May, 2011

Final score - 18.5 to 13.5, to the Home Team.
we took home tea-sets as consolation prizes.

Details of the event | Pictures from Mahindra|


Thailand Open Tournament, Pattaya

April 12, 2011

Results | Details of the Thailand Open |


Shanghai Chess Club Lujiazui Branch Grand Opening at O'Yamee

24th February, 2011
Simultaneous exhibition with GM Jacek Gdanski (ELO 2542), who was visiting from his native Poland, vs 22 people.

Prize: Aron Teh won the O'Yamee 400 RMB pre-paid VIP card

Article from the Global Times | Pictures from Jo | O'Yamee |

1st Annual Oscar's Shanghai Chess Club Trophy 2011

30th of January, 2011

A simultaneous match with 15 people against IM Torben N. Sørensen, followed by a blind simultaneous match* with the 2 best from that game against IM Torben.

Olexiy Zaika (Alex) won his match in both games - making him the clear winner.


Olexiy Zaika won the Prize for a win in the simul, a Gift card for 10 drinks at Oscar’s Pub + entry fee back. Olexiy also received the Oscar’s Chess Trophy 2011

Freddy Ramirez, Krassen Mitev and Ben Yuan all drew Torben in the simul and received their entry fee back. Freddy also won the chance to play Torben in the blind simul match.

* Torben was blind and played two people. Alex and Freddy were allowed to use all their senses. A 6th sense was granted to all that had a sense of balance.

Article from the Shanghai Daily | Pictures from James | Oscar's |

Christmas Party

19th Dec, 2010

We drank. Played chess. Lost to Torben. And wore Christmas hats.

Pictures from Wolfgang and Shirley |

GM Viswanathan Anand, Number 1 in the world

Simultaneous exhibition where the Shanghai Chess Club joined with the Indian Association to play Vishy Anand.

Click picture for the flyer

The blog entry with games | Pictures from Wolfgang and James |

Geoffrey Borg, FIDE CEO of GlobalChess, visits

23rd October, 2010

We get our various behinds handed to us and learn some new chess based games

September 2010 - Chess Olympiad

Torben guiding the Maltese National Team


The blog entry.

A nicely drawn game against a GM.

August 2010 - Copenhagen Open Tournament, Denmark.

The best open in Europe, also called Politiken Cup, named after the main sponsor. The link is in English in case your Danish is rusty.

We were represented by
IM Torben N. Sørensen, who won 70% of his games , and Randolf Bruinn who broke the 2,000 mark.

(Pictured: IM Sørensen (left) post match with GM Nigel Short at the 2009 Bangkok Open)

April 2010 - Thailand Open Tournament, Bangkok

Chess down the bars. And a Tournament.


August 2009 - Shanghai Chess Club on Tour. Chess Marathon.

Our Second Anniversary!

A different pub everyday for 2 weeks in August 2009, attendees improved chess and punished livers.

July 2009 - Global Mobicom Tournament 2009, Ulaanbaatar



Mongolian invite only GM tournament, our resident IM Torben Sorensen attended and won.

April 2009 - Thailand Open Tournament, Pattaya

Chess by the beach. And a Tournament.

Randolf's personal site has his games

Photos from our time there



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